Train With Us!

Check out our Training Pans! If you are training for any of our events, we are excited to offer you a new training program that will ensure you make it to the finish line.  Download and print out the training program for each race and hang it on your fridge [...]

A Few of Our Favorites

We realize we are a little late getting this out, but one of our resolutions for 2014 is “better late than never” so we are posting it anyway. We wanted to thank all of you who made 2013 a great year. Thank you to our volunteers who make these events [...]

November 14, 2013

Winter Training Group

Update: Our Winter Training Group has been cancelled due to a lack of registration.  Please check out our Facebook Page to learn more about FREE trail runs throughout the Winter and to RSVP.  Don’t stop trail running just because snow is on the trails. Instead, join us for our Winter [...]

The Recipe for Mud

by Rhielle Widders It’s simple, when mix the perfect ingredients you end up with the perfect product. In Park City, we have been percolating the perfect mix of ingredients for a nice thick mud. In case you want to do it in your backyard, here is what you need. Ingredients: [...]

PCTS 1/2 Marathon Preview

2013 Park City Trail Series Half Marathon Preview… whew, that is a mouthful, isn’t it?!  After the workout that your lips just got – no, not that kind of workout – we want you to sit back and picture yourself on a beautiful mountain.  The air is crisp, the sagebrush [...]

How do your shoes make you feel?

Do your shoes make you feel like you run smoother, faster, quieter? Can you go longer and farther? If not, you may want to perk up and pay attention to what the folks over at Pearl Izumi Running in Colorado are doing. Pearl Izumi, our race series’ presenting sponsor, decided [...]

Training on My Own Terms

To make a schedule and follow it…. that is the question. There are many schools of thought and even more opinions on which is the “correct” or “right” way to train. I don’t believe that there is one right way. There is so much to factor in: personality, life schedule [...]


By Dr. Michael Cerami There’s has been some exciting information that has come out recently since we lasted visited the topic of recovery in October 2011. Ice Baths • It turns out that they may not be as good for you as advertised. In the past 6 months there’s been [...]

Tis the Season…For Summit Runs

Lower elevation summits are finally starting to thaw, so it is finally time to start getting those gnarly “hill” climb training runs going! My favorite includes 3200 feet of gain in less than two miles, a buddy, and a shuttle system. So lace up your shoes, put on your hydration [...]

5 Reasons Why Trail Running Makes You a Better Obstacle Course Runner

Obstacle Course Racing has hit the world of sport like a lightening bolt in the last year or two. People from all walks of life are getting up off the couch and onto the trail to try out this latest trend in sport. Running obstacle courses is not a new [...]

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